08:20 — 08:30  Open Remarks

08:30 — 09:30  Plenary Talk

09:30 — 09:40  Coffee Break

09:40 — 10:40  Oral Session 1 (Session Chair: Mingxia Liu, Wei Shao)

[GLMI-O-1] 09:40 – 10:00 Graph Hyperalignment for Multi-Subject fMRI Functional Alignment

[GLMI-O-2] 10:00 – 10:20  Interactive 3D Segmentation Editing and Refinement via Gated Graph Neural Networks

[GLMI-O-3] 10:20 – 10:40  Linking convolutional neural networks with graph convolutional networks: application in pulmonary artery-vein separation

10:40 — 11:40  Oral Session 2 (Session Chair: Fang Chen, Lichi Zhang)

[GLMI-O-4] 10:40 – 11:00  Triplet Graph Convolutional Network for Multi-scale Analysis of Functional Connectivityusing Functional MRI

[GLMI-O-5] 11:00 – 11:20  Weakly- and Semi-Supervised Graph CNN for identifying Basal Cell Carcinoma on Pathological images

[GLMI-O-6] 11:20 – 11:40  Geometric Brain Surface Network For Brain Cortical Parcellation

09:30 — 12:00 Poster Session

[GLMI-P-1] Adaptive Thresholding of Functional Connectivity Networks for fMRI-based Brain Disease Analysis

[GLMI-P-2] Graph-kernel-based Multi-task Structured Feature Selection on Multi-level Functional Connectivity Networks for Brain Disease Classification

[GLMI-P-3] Comparative Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting Dictionaries via Dimensionality Reduction

[GLMI-P-4] Learning Deformable Point Set Registration with Regularized Dynamic Graph CNNs for Large Lung Motion in COPD Patients

[GLMI-P-5] Graph Convolutional Networks for Coronary Artery Segmentation in Cardiac CT Angiography

[GLMI-P-6] Multi-Scale Graph Convolutional Network for Mild Cognitive Impairment Detection

[GLMI-P-7] DeepBundle: Fiber Bundle Parcellation With Graph CNNs

[GLMI-P-8] Identification of Functional Connectivity Features in Depression Subtypes Using a Data-Driven Approach

[GLMI-P-9] Movie-watching fMRI Reveals Inter-subject Synchrony Alteration in Functional Brain Activity in ADHD

[GLMI-P-10] Automatic Detection of Craniomaxillofacial Anatomical Landmarks on CBCT Images using 3D Mask R-CNN

[GLMI-P-11] Discriminative-Region-Aware Residual Network for Adolescent Brain Structure and Cognitive Development Analysis

[GLMI-P-12] Graph Modeling for Identifying Breast Tumor Located in Dense Background of a Mammogram

[GLMI-P-13] OCD Diagnosis via Smoothing Sparse Network and Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoder Learning

[GLMI-P-14] A Longitudinal MRI Study of Amygdala and Hippocampal Subfields for Infants with Risk of Autism

[GLMI-P-15] CNS: CycleGAN-assisted Neonatal Segmentation Model for Cross-Datasets

11:40 — 11:50  Closing Remarks (Best paper(s) will be announced)